Mar 10, 2008

WLB Bangladesh Marches to Burmese Embassy in Dhaka

Dhaka: The Women's League of Burma in Bangladesh staged a demonstration in front of the Burmese embassy in Dhaka, Bangladesh on Saturday to mark the date of International Women's Day.
About 40 Burmese democratic activists including women and children marched to the front of the Burmese embassy in Dhaka and staged a demonstration there by shouting out many anti-government slogans.
Daw Saw Mra Razarlin, former president of the WLB, said during the demonstrations, "We have no right to celebrate the day for women inside Burma, so we came here to hold the ceremony."
During the demonstration, participants shouted many anti-military government slogans, and the diplomatic area was covered with anti-referendum and anti-election materials and slogans.
Ms. Mra Razarlin said, "We also came here to share our voice on the government's referendum for the constitution, because we are unable to accept the one-sided constitution drawn by the military government. The constitution is totally against the democratic process and there are no opportunities for ethnic nationalities in Burma. So we strongly oppose the referendum and election."
All the demonstrators wore red headbands and held portraits of Daw Aung San Suu Kyi. The demonstration lasted about two hours, but there were no problems or disturbances during that time.
"Our demonstration ended peacefully and we were happy because we had to reveal our desires on the forthcoming referendum that will be held in May, and the election in 2010, to the Burmese embassy," said Ms Mra Razarlin.
Before concluding the demonstration, Daw Mra Razarlin went to the front gate of the embassy and handed over a letter from the WLB to an embassy representative. #

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