Mar 15, 2008

Burmese Ambassador Visits Bangladesh-Border

Dhaka: The Burmese ambassador to Bangladesh, U Nyan Lynn, has been visiting the Burma-Bangladesh border along with four other foreign diplomats since last Saturday, according to an official Bangladesh report.
The report said the four ambassadors from Burma, Singapore, Brunei, South Korea, along with the commissioner from Turkey to Bangladesh, started their private visit to the border area on Saturday, after first visiting the Bangladesh port city of Chittagong and Ramgamati District Town in northern Chittagong Hill Tract.
On Sunday, the diplomats visited Bandarban Hill District town and a border town of Cox's Bazar near Burma.
The report said the diplomats a visited the island of St. Martin on Monday, which is located in the mouth of the Naff River on the border between Bangladesh and Burma.
The visit of the five ambassadors is private but related to economic purposes because they are visiting the border area on the invitation of the Chittagong Women's Chamber of Commerce and Industry's president, Manowar Hakim Ali.
Manowar Hakim Ali told the news agency that she wants to promote the business sector in the port city of Chittagong, so she invited the five ambassadors to visit Chittagong and nearby areas to share the economic experiences of Singapore and Brunei.
The visit of the five ambassadors is reported to be concluding today.

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